A Taste of History

This ancient Middle Eastern handcrafted spread which dates to biblical times where early generations in the regions of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine had this shelf-stable spread as part of their daily food and nutrition. They made sure they had it in all seasons especially during the Winter as an important source of energy and nutrition. Here at Julian’s Valleys, we are delighted to bring back this thousand-year-old tradition to America. It is historic, nostalgic, and best of all it is delicious.

To honor this ancient tradition, we have recreated the original recipe utilizing the best US home-grown natural ingredients that are cultivated from Non-GMO, organic California dates farms, combined with Julian’s Valleys outstanding clarified butter (ghee) and sesame paste. After experimenting with several recipes, we finally perfected and settled on the one we fell in love with. We could not be more excited to introduce and share Sesame Delight with America and to make it part of the American tradition.

Our mission is to always utilize ingredients that are either organic, non-GMO, and free of chemicals and artificial preservatives.