Julian's Valleys | A Love Story

It all started, when I first visited Julian one weekend several years ago. Not knowing what to expect, I was mesmerized by the natural beauty of the farms and hills that were painted with endless shades of green and brown colors. Julian is where you hear a symphony of bird sounds accompanied by an orchestra of friendly wind and fresh air.

It all sounds familiar and perhaps we've all seen it elsewhere in this world or in the hidden places of our subconscious mind. Truly, it was a reflection of memories buried deep down my mind. As you might think, it turns out I was experiencing a flashback moment from the past that took me back to a place where I spent my childhood in Golan Heights. Yes, Golan Heights, quite a sentimental feeling that I didn't want to let go of, a striking similarity that led to an instant love connection beyond time and boundaries. It brought back childhood memories where my grandmother and local farmers made everything from scratch and lived the imperfect, yet peaceful life.

Julian's Valleys was born out of this love story which traveled across the globe from East to West to capture and eternalize these precious memories. These memories are filled with family and friends surrounding a large outdoor dining table feasting on the best home cooked meals made with fresh ingredients from neighboring farms. This is when I realized I was missing my favorite spread, my grandmother's ghee and the rest is history...

Part of Julian's Valleys mission and commitment is to introduce America to authentic products by recreating original recipes.