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Zaatar Mixes Available in 8 & 12 OZ Pouches

Jerusalem Zaatar mix is available in 8 OZ


Bagel Symphony

Original Bagel Spice With Added Zaatar -
Perfect All-Purpose Seasoning For Sandwiches And a Range Of Recipes - Low Fat
Five-Part Mix From All Natural Spices And Herbs - Perfect Gift For Cooks 4 OZ


Original Jerusalem Zaatar Mix

Jerusalem Zaatar stands out among other zaatar recipes in Middle East due to the strong aroma of wild thyme. As the recipe dictates, it consists of a large portion of thyme combined with other spices. 4 OZ


Original Aleppo Zaatar Mix

Organic Date Syrup from local California farms in 16 oz Squeeze Bottle, Recognized for Excellence | Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free, and Kosher | Ideal Sugar Substitute | Offers Superior Nutrition Compared to Maple Syrup or Honey


Chocolate Delight

A Ghee & Chocolate "Love Affair".
For those who love and crave dark chocolate, Julian's Valleys is happy to share another recipe which combines Julian's Valleys ghee with Belgium chocolate and organic date syrup.


Original Ghee Recipe

The Original Ghee Recipe by Julian's Valleys is our most popular product. An all-natural ghee made from 100% of the highest grade organic California butter. Julian's Valleys Ghee is an old fashioned process and recipe.



As delicious as it gets! Julian's Valleys Ghee has become a staple in our pantry as the whole family loves the flavor it adds to our food and deserts.

Sandra L.

Ghee was recommended to me by my dietitian as its health benefits are much better than the butters and oils that I usually use. It has been a life changer for me.

Aliyah T.

This is not your average commercial ghee. Julian's Valleys ghee is the real deal, the taste is so pure and has an amazing texture! Finally something healthy and delicious.. ;-)

Antonio J.

We have been buying this ghee for a year now and the recipe never changed, we tried two other brands but nothing comes close to the quality.

Carol S.

We are so grateful to our friend that got us  our first Julian's Valleys ghee Jar. She knew with our diet restrictions ghee was the answer. Ghee added several new dishes to our menu.

Helena S.

Ghee Health Benefits

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