Love At First Taste

For those with an affection for and a hankering for chocolate, Julian's Valleys is thrilled to present our artisanal creation. We blend our farm's special recipe clarified butter with exquisite Belgian chocolate and organic date syrup, resulting in a delightful and health-conscious spread. This spread is the perfect companion for your afternoon snacking or those occasional chocolate cravings. Its versatility knows no bounds – use it to elevate your toast, pancakes, preferred crackers, muffins, and croissants! It also makes for an excellent complement to cheese platters and tea sandwiches.

When we proclaim, "Love at first taste," it's not just a catchy slogan or a fancy phrase. It's an expression we consistently witness, transcending age and background, among chocolate enthusiasts who sample Julian's Valleys Chocolate Delight spread. They describe it as an elegant, almost magical and dreamlike flavor, offering a long-lasting, unparalleled chocolate experience – a taste unlike any other.

A Delightful Addition to Cheese Trays and English Tea Sandwiches

Amazon Review


"This says “delight” in the name of the product and a truer statement hasn’t been made. This chocolaty sweet, creamy spread is delightful. It kind of is going after the Nutella market but with another take on the product. This doesn’t taste like Nutella but I think someone who loves that is going to love this. It is smooth creamy, chocolaty and absolutely delicious. I just am blown away at how good it is. It is on the pricey side so we lose on that count but it is so unique that it can make a great gift for someone in your life that you know would love this. Then the price takes a back seat to the crazy delicious product and all is good in the world. I do recommend this and am going to have some more. If you can find Japanese milk bread in an Asian market near you, your head will explode making a sandwich on it with this spread."


June 30, 2022

Our mission is to always utilize ingredients that are either organic, non-GMO, and free of chemicals and artificial preservatives.