Jerusalem Zaatar: A Shortcut to Savoring the Essence of History. Cherished by Generations Across the Middle East, Now Beloved Worldwide.

Zaatar, an Arabic term denoting wild thyme, is a herb that thrives naturally in the mountainous terrain spanning several Middle Eastern regions, including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. Over centuries, this herb has been harmoniously blended with other indigenous herbs from these same regions, giving rise to the renowned concoction now recognized as Zaatar.

This remarkable herbal fusion not only offers a delectable taste experience when paired with warm bread and dipped in olive oil but also boasts an array of health advantages. Among its numerous health benefits, Zaatar is notably renowned for its memory-enhancing properties when incorporated into one's diet.


Julian's Valleys is dedicated to its mission of acquainting America with genuine products by faithfully recreating traditional recipes. Our latest addition to our product lineup is Jerusalem Zaatar, and we couldn't be more thrilled and honored to bring its exceptional taste and flavor to America. Currently, Zaatar is offered in two sizes: 4 and 8 ounces.

A Zaatar Recipe As Old As Jerusalem

There's an unmistakable charm in the scent of freshly baked bread dough adorned with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of Zaatar. The enchanting blend of roasted sesame and Zaatar spices transports you on a rapid, nostalgia-laden journey to Jerusalem and the nearby historic cities, allowing you to savor the fragrances reminiscent of biblical times.

What sets Jerusalem Zaatar apart from other Middle Eastern Zaatar recipes is its robust aroma of wild thyme. As per the traditional recipe, it prominently features a generous quantity of thyme, harmoniously blended with an array of other spices.

Julian's Valleys Zaatar Is Made with Pure Sumac - No Citrus Acid

Sumac plays a central role in genuine Zaatar blends, and our Jerusalem Zaatar recipe exclusively features pure Sumac. This ingredient not only imparts a rich flavor but also offers a multitude of health advantages. In contrast to some Zaatar products on the market that employ or substitute Sumac with citric acid. At Julian's Valleys, we place a paramount emphasis on our commitment to health and well-being, and this is reflected in our careful selection of ingredients.