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Love the taste

"The taste is superior to any other Ghee I have tried. I would highly recommend and buy again."

It's a great substitute for table salt

"It is pure organic ghee. So delicious that I am ordering another one. 100% recommended!"

Rich In flavor

For medical reasons, I am using much less salt. This spice blend is great on eggs, vegetables, fish and other things that I previously salted. It is also very tasty,HelpfulReport abuse"

Used in multiple dishes. Loved it in every dish

"I am familiar with Zaatar. I learned about it a few years ago watching a tv show that featured a chicken in a zaatar spice blend. It is one of my favorite spices.I have used this spice in a handful of dishes over the past week.This comes in a plastic jar. It is 4 ounces. Ingredients are simple: wild thyme, sesame seed, olive oil, salt, anise seeds and sumac.Opening the jar, it looks very fresh. I take a little taste of it. It has a wonderful flavor. I can taste the sumac (one of my favorite spices). I can taste the thyme. The sesame seeds give it a wonderful crunch. The salt level is perfect. This is NOT a salty spice blend but it is perfectly balanced to bring out the flavors. In using this or any zaatar mix, I add my own salt. I can taste the anise flavor every once in awhile it is not a dominant flavor.I compared it to the zaatar I have on hand that I thought was pretty decent. This Jerusalem zaatar mix blew it away. This one has so much more flavor than my on hand that I realized lacked a lot of flavor.To use:The first dish I used it in was an Israeli couscous. I added 1 heaping tablespoon to the couscous prior to the boil. The end result was I could taste a hint of the thyme and the sumac didn't really break through. It is worthy to note, I did not add another spice to this. Normally I would add at least garlic. I topped the dish with some more zaatar. It was tasty.The second way I tried this: I made a bread dip. Super easy. Good quality olive oil, some of the zaatar blend, a little lemon and salt. This was fabulous. I could taste the thyme and the sumac. The sesame seeds offered a little crunch. I never tried zaatar blend like this before.I tried this on tempeh. I sautéed onion and green pepper. Threw in some tempeh and some zaatar. Also some salt. This was delicious. I could taste the thyme and the sumac.The last way I tried this was with a flatbread recipe. I mixed the zaatar in some oil along with sumac, oregano and salt. This was delicious also. The kind of bread that is hard to put down and stop eating. The zaatar blend shined through. I tasted the thyme. Again the sesame seeds added a little crunch."

Very Fresh

"This is my first jar of Zaatar I read most of the comments. before I made this purchase. I found this jar very fresh. I expected more of a wow flavor. This is delicious but mild. I completely coved a chicken brest. And browned in grape oil. The salt is perfectly balanced. It was very tasty. It will have a permanent place in my spice drawers."

High quality ghee

"I really enjoy the taste of this ghee- simple and clean. It is great for cooking or baking with. My family loves it on toast or with eggs. One person in my family is on the keto diet right now and he likes to add this ghee to everything. If you’re looking for a ghee that tastes even better than homemade, then you’ve found the right one with Julian’s Valleys Ghee."

Best refined butter ghee we tried

"The taste and texture were perfect. I tried many expensive products but this one is the best. Taste like homemade ghee. I would highly recommend this product."

Delicious Zaatar

"I use Za'atar in my doner kebab meat blend and was excited to try an alternate brand to the grocery store one I usually use.By comparison, Julian's is fresher with more flavor depth; the dark taste of the wild thyme and the anise really comes through but is balanced. The sesame seeds are deliciously toasty but not dried out and have some good natural oiliness. My grocery store brand has more of a sharper, brighter flavor but not all the ingredients are disclosed so I suspect it has some citric acid. It does have natural sumac like this one does too, but the sesame is white and not as toasty, and it also has some rice concentrate filler in it too. Overall, the grocery store brands feels, looks, and tastes drier; Julian's is fresher, richer, darker in flavor and appearance and tastes better in my doner meat.I like Julian's Za'atar a lot and prefer it over my other brand. I find this to be of excellent quality and value."

Ghee me more!

"So delicious I eat with the spoon. I made a good choice when chose to buy your product. Don’t change anything, it is perfect for my taste."

Buy this one!!!

"I’ve tried a few ghees, but this one stands out the most. It’s very smooth, doesn’t smell weird (some ghees do!), in fact smells and tastes so good, it’s making all my home made cooked food even better;) If you prefer home made ghee but don’t have the time to make it, this is the very best option."

"Absolutely love this ghee!

It’s rich, creamy and delicious with perfect texture and consistency. I add it to my rice, curries, sautéed veggies and all my toddlers meals. Love that it comes in a glass jar."

I'm hooked

"I am not into any food trends however, a friend recommended I try it and now my family is hooked. It enhances all of the recipes I traditionally used butter for. Great product, I can't recommend it highly enough.."

Depth of delicious flavor

"This ghee is amazing. Not only is the taste and texture perfect - I use it to fry eggs in the morning and to make all of my baked goods - it adds a depth of delicious flavor to anything! But I love the mission and quality that this company provides. Highly recommend! No more butter here!"


"very very good! never had ghee before but i found so many uses for it. started adding a tiny smear on my bread before toasting and it makes such a difference! popcorn made in ghee is amazing. Not to mention cooking or baking with it. came wrapped in bubble wrap so no problems with shipping. After hearing me talk about it my sister ended up buying ghee (different brand) from the supermarket for herself, i tried hers and it really doesn't compare. A great product."
College Student from CA

Best ghee by far! You can smell and taste the cream!

"The taste quality is outstanding -- you can smell and taste the freshness of the cream from the butter. No other ghee has that freshness, that cream-like taste! It is a lighter yellow color, creamy, doesn't separate, very smooth -- huge quality difference! I even lick it off the knife, contrary to my upbringing. Organic, no GMO, 0 carb, lactose free, 0 protein means no casein or whey. Each jar has a lot number and expiration date. I keep this in the cupboard (not fridge) and it is fine, smooth and creamy. (I don't trust some other ghee's not in the fridge, especially if they separate and go weird.) This will be my only ghee from now on. Glad I bought 2 the first time around!"


"Delicious tastes good a little goes a long way. Plus the way it smells make you think yummy."

Delicious and Fresh

"As someone who usually likes Trader Joe's Ghee, I have to say that I understand what affordable versus cheap is...but it all has to be fresh and there are a few things I'll cook with ghee. I love this brand. It's fresh, clean and cooks well at high temps. The fried egg test (how the whites cook and how hot the product can get without smoking, is clear. The flavor is light and fresh."

Switched to Julian's

"Tried Julian's and switched.Quick service, excellent taste and actually smells like butter. Good spreadability, not at all waxy like what I was using."