A harmony of zaatar and Bagel seasoning blend composed of local and imported herbs and spices from around the world. Put together by Julian’s Valleys and made for all bagel seasoning lovers and spice connoisseurs. This zaater-inspired seasoning blend is suitable not only for bagels but makes a perfect addition to many recipes including fish, chicken, vegetables, and a variety of gourmet sandwiches.


Get ready to use this yummy multi-use mixture on sandwiches, chicken, fish, and vegetables with all-natural ingredients that boost any dish lucky enough to be graced by its presence. By combining the original oregano, thyme, and roasted herbs spices with zaatar, we’ve created a traditional range of flavours with just a little bite, so you won’t want to put it down. 

Looking to spoil someone special? Now you can provide them with a source of flavour that they may never have had access to, so they can whip up delicious dishes like never before. The mix has a powerful taste and arrives in durable packaging to offer a gift that will last them many meals to come!

  • DELECTABLE SOURCE OF FLAVOR - Our experts have carefully balanced an exquisite blend of ingredients by combining the original bagel spice for sandwiches with zataar to bring you a dose of seasoning that’s bursting with flavour. It’s the easiest way to make your bagels just a little more delicious, hassle-free.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES - Although this mix contains the original spices for bagels, it also works extremely well on fish, chicken, and a wide range of vegetarian dishes. Now you can get access to a low-fat spicy blend to increase flavour across a versatile menu of dishes, for a taste you will adore.
  • ALL NATURAL AND DIET-FRIENDLY - Our traditional four-ingredient bread seasoning is made from zaatar, oregano, thyme, and roast herbs to provide a potent flavor that’s easy on the taste buds and your health. It’s extremely low in calories and made from wholesome natural ingredients that are completely vegan and gluten-friendly.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE AND PROTECTIVE PACKAGING - We know you love to chef it up every day so created a mix that tastes delicious and goes a very long way. By formulating a sugar-free sandwich herb blend that packs a punch and then packaging it in a durable airtight container, we can ensure your purchase holds unmatched value for money.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR COOKS - Do you know someone with a passion for cooking? Our seasoning offers a unique present to show your loved ones a little appreciation for all they do, especially if they cook for you! They’ll love having access to a whole new range of flavors from a healthy mix that doesn’t bite back.