Jerusalem Zaatar

There is something very special about the aroma of freshly baked bread dough covered with olive oil and Zaatar. The aroma of the roasted sesame and Zaatar spices mix takes you on a nostalgic, quick visit to Jerusalem and neighboring historic cities to relive and smell Biblical time. 

Taste of Jerusalem The Way It Used To Be

Sumac is a main ingredient in authentic zaatar mixes. Jerusalem Zaatar recipes is made with pure Sumac. It is very flavorful and full of health benefits. Unlike other Zaatar products found in the market where citrus acid is used in combination or to replace Sumac. Citrus acid is harmful to teeth and digestive system. Here at Julian's Valleys, we are very selective when it comes to our health.

Jerusalem Zaatar stands out among other zaatar recipes in the Middle East due to the strong aroma of wild thyme. As the recipe dictates, it consists of a large portion of thyme combined with other healthy spices.

Zaatar is an Arabic word for wild thyme which grows naturally on mountains across various regions in Middle East ranging from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, to Palestine. Over hundreds of years, this herb was combined with various local herbs that grow in the same regions creating what is known today as Zaatar. This amazing mix of herbs is not only delicious when eaten with a warm bread of choice dipped in olive oil, but also a powerhouse of health benefits. On top of many health benefits, it is well known to enhance memory when incorporated with diet.